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VLBA station
Black Hole in a Double Star System
June 8, 1995 at 5:52 pm | News Release

As scientists from the NRAO analyze a timelapse of powerful jets of material emerging from a double-star system 10,000 light-years away, new evidence from other research confirms that the source of the jets is a black hole.

VLBA Tracks Ejected Material From Mysterious X-Ray Nova
January 12, 1995 at 6:47 pm | News Release

Images made with the Very Long Baseline Array radio telescope show the mysterious X-ray nova in Scorpius as it ejected blobs of material at tremendous speeds over the period from August 18 to September 22, 1994.

NGC 4258
Tremendous Mass Concentration in Strange Galaxy Revealed by VLBA
January 11, 1995 at 6:35 pm | News Release

A dense whirling mass orbiting what almost certainly is a black hole of truly Brobdingnagian proportions has been discovered at the heart of an active galaxy some 21 million light years from Earth.

The VLA 11
Superluminal Motion Found In Milky Way
August 31, 1994 at 5:18 pm | News Release

Researchers using the Very Large Array have discovered that a small, powerful object in our own cosmic neighborhood is shooting out material at nearly the speed of light — a feat previously known to be performed only by the massive cores of entire galaxies.

NVSS image of the sky
NRAO Makes Available VLA Sky Survey Maps
June 15, 1994 at 6:08 pm | News Release

An original and comprehensive data set potentially full of scientific surprises now is available to astronomers, students and the public through the information superhighway.

Showing news items 1261 - 765 of 765